Why Carama?

Carama’s enterprise-wide incident response platform helps IT operations, security operations, network operations and service desks work faster, smarter and more efficiently. Speed, cost reduction, productivity, and customer satisfaction, our clients get value and make a difference using the Carama solution.

Why should I choose Carama for my Security, IT, Network, and Service Desk needs?

When we take a look at Incident Response, we think about two things:

  • How do we improve incident response times?
  • How do we address the broad set of use cases that operations team face?

We have seen a few types of solutions that have attempted to address these problems. The first solution is end-to-end automation tools. The focus is automating without human intervention. These solutions offer speed in incident response, but are limited in the types of problems that can be resolved. Also, most automation tools work for a subset of security or IT, but not both.

On the other hand there are solutions that are focused on the process or procedures. These include ticketing systems, knowledge based systems, or process-based incident response systems. These systems provide repeatable processes, but are limited in the ability to scale and greatly improve incident response times.

Carama has been focused from the start on a unified platform that equally addresses both manual resolutions and automation to provide the best of both worlds. In addition, Carama provides multiple automation strategies such as closed loop and human-guided to make automation relevant to ALL incident types.

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