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What is Survocop?

Survocop — professional ip camera video management software, that performs processing, analysis, storage and display of the video. Our team has emerged as a technological start up that managed to solve the basic problem of ip-based video surveillance – low computational efficiency of these systems. Ip systems as opposed to analog systems produce a large amount of data encoding operations.

Why Survocop?

Survocop — employs innovative technology of video stream processing without complete decompression. The application of this technology results in increase of data processing speed, therefore the load on the central processor reduces by four times on average.
With Survocop you can connect four times more cameras to one server or use less high- powered, more cost-Effective processors to reduce the costs on server equipment.


Macroscop is a professional security software for IP camera surveillance systems, intelligent video analytics modules, and network video recorders. Macroscop VMS allows you building scalable CCTV camera systems with an unlimited number of any kind of IP cameras. The software package is easy to layout, install, set up, service, and upgrade for free without any hidden costs. By using Macroscop for your IP cameras, you may use a number of mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and WinPhone free of charge.

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