Service Desk Objectives

Service Desk Objectives
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The primary aim of the service desk is to restore the normal service to the users as quickly as possible. In this context restoration of service is meant in the widest possible sense. While this could involve fixing a technical fault, it could equally involve fulfilling a service request or answering a query – anything that is needed to allow the users to return to working satisfactorily.

Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Logging all relevant incident/service request details, and allocating categorization and prioritization codes
  • Providing first line investigation and diagnosis
  • Resolving those incidents/service requests that do not need escalating across IT
  • Escalating incidents/service requests that the service desk cannot resolve within agreed timescales
  • Closing all resolved incidents, service requests and other calls
  • Conducting customer/user satisfaction call backs/surveys as agreed
  • Communication with users – keeping them informed of incident progress, notifying them of impending changes or agreed outages, etc.
  • Updating the configuration management system under the direction and approval of configuration management if so agreed

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