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1. What is an IT Service desk?

A Service Desk is a primary IT function within the discipline of IT service management (ITSM) as defined by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). “User” refers to the actual user of the service, while “Customer” refers to the entity that is paying for service.

2. How important is customer service for you?

The whole business depends on the customer service, and if you are at the help desk you are holding an important position to help the customer in best possible way.

3. Do you really think that any company or organization really needs a service desk?

The key to run company effectively is that the resources are available and operational all the time, especially if it is an IT company. Helpdesk is necessary as it makes sure that resources are available for customer and also operational reasons.

4. How important IT skills are in service desk and how you keep yourself updated with those skills?

To process your work quickly computer skills are very important these days. Computers not only make your work easy but also save your time and energy. We have our methodology to train our employees in updating their skill sets accordingly.

5. How you deal with the frustrated customer?

At Carama, our major priority is to understand the customer by listening to their complaints without interrupting them. Secondly we make sure that we acknowledge their problems and try to resolve the issues with the assured Turn Around Time (TAT).

6. What are the three abilities of an ideal service desk analyst?

 Ability to listen to the customer’s problem and acknowledge on time.
 Understand and identifying the exact root cause of the problem.
 Holding the same patience till the resolution of the problem.

7. What motivates you as an IT service desk assistant / analyst?

I like to communicate with people. Service desk helps our customers to help them to solve their IT related issues.

8. Imagine if there is a customer who does not understand your language then how will you help him/her?

Being in IT Service desk, it’s our duty to help our customers in resolving their issues, while language being an issue, will try to identify the exact issue that the customer is facing and try fixing the same. But if it’s not under our scope or if the communication is the only reason, we would almost transfer or help the customer to get connected to the concerned IT desk (who could speak or understand the customer’s language) and fix the issue. We would always have a backup IT person for other languages.

9. What is the time frame to contact IT Service desk?

We operate 24/7, even for weekends, we shall assign one or two on-call support to handle your queries.

10. How do you organize your schedule to handle the issues?

We always handle all the issue under priorities such as Critical, High, Medium and Low. We will make sure that all the reported incidents and problems are handled effectively and efficiently.

11. If the customer is not satisfied with your service do you analyze your mistake or just move on to another customer?

Service Desk’s major responsibility is to identify the issues and give proper solution to our customers, and if the issues are not solved then we will make sure that the regular follow-up is done till the issue gets resolved by identifying the root cause.

12. What is the difference between helpdesk and service desk?

Helpdesk ensures that the customer’s problems are resolved in a timely fashion. The service desk is a single point of contact between customer and company, where all the information regarding the company’s service are delivered.

13. How can Carama help reduce escalations within my department?

Carama’s ability to shift incident resolution and response capabilities enables any organization to take advantage of the benefits of automation. Often times, customers take their automations from the IT, Network, and Security teams and deliver them to Service Desk agents. Our ability to standardize processes and combine automation allows your Service Desk agents and other frontline agents to be as good as your subject matter experts.

14. Can Carama be used for end-user related problems?

Carama can be used for all incident types, including end-user related problems. We provide multiple strategies to address end user incidents. Some examples include:
 Pro-active automations that can detect and resolve incidents without needing the customer to report the same.
 Self-service portal that empowers end-users to resolve an incident independently instead of calling IT Service desk.
Agent led resolution that leverages Carama’s dashboard, process guidance workflow and automations. Our C Dot approach enables enterprises to address end user problems that are 100% cost effective.

15. How does Carama help their team become more efficient?

Carama allows agents to focus on real incidents. Carama’s ability to automate the validation and diagnostics steps of incident resolution allows our agents to focus on solving the incidents instead of wasting time determining if the problem is real or not.
In addition, Carama’s knowledge base is accurate and reliable. This gives a great start to the resolution process. With efficient guided procedures and partial automations, agents can quickly be led to the precise resolution.

16. What differentiates you from other security automation vendors?

The automated vendors focus solely on IT, while security vendors and start-ups focus on security alone. Carama integrates process orchestration, knowledge management, and automation to provide a comprehensive enterprise-wide coverage and reduce response times.

17. Do you provide incident response capabilities or security capabilities?

The Carama Platform provides both incident resolution and security capabilities in a single platform. Our extensive experience with IT and security automation -combined with our detailed investigation Record- allows security teams to have a unified security incident response automation platform.

18. Do you provide training?

Carama has a comprehensive training program for all its customers. To learn more, us for more information on what kind of trainings are implemented in IT perspective.

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