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Network Security on Enterprise Mobility Risks

By understanding each of the risk areas and employing a layered security approach to address them, you can defend your business.

While mobility in the corporate world is enabling innovation and speed, it is also exposing a number of troubling security risks that represent back door opportunities for Security threats and risks.


DATA Storage & Security – Concerns

Focus of IT security has been on the network and the data traveling over it. The security of stored data, especially backup data, has received less attention. But is this complacency justified? What are the security threats associated with data that’s stored off-site?



What is a Service Desk ? How a Service Desk fits into your IT Requirements and demands? Why Service Desk and how will it benefit your company the most?

A Service Desk, understands that information offers companies strategic advantages and it ensures proper mechanisms are in place for the data to be analyzed, produced and distributed seamlessly. The best Service Desks manage information delivery by utilizing Information IT infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices to deliver these services. The Service Desk is the first contact in an organization for any and all IT requirements.


Most Common Network Security Issues

In the present day scenario, as many people continue to make the same mistakes with their network security time and again, and we seldom learn lessons despite our experience.



In the present days, most malicious users do not possess a high level of programming skills and instead make use of tools available on the Internet. There are several stages that an attacker has to pass through to successfully carry out an attack and that is not that easy and having said that,

Anything from software, music and movies to books, games, etc. are stolen and copied because security is breached by malicious individuals.

Because hacker tools have become more and more sophisticated, super-intelligence is no longer a requirement to hack someone’s computer or server.


Prevention or Retrieval? is no longer a Hobson’s choice

How valid and vital is your data? What steps and precautions have you put in place and how to peacefully lead your life?

Preventing unauthorized people from accessing your stored data and preventing accidental or intentional destruction, infection or corruption of information is the key and that is security. While data encryption the recent phenomenon, it is just one of many techniques and technologies that can be used to implement a tiered data-security strategy. Steps to secure data involve understanding applicable threats, aligning appropriate layers of defense and continual monitoring of activity logs taking action as needed.


IT Infrastructure – A Guided Map To Reach Your Destination!

For any organization’s information technology, infrastructure management (IM) is the management of essential operation components, such as policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts, for overall effectiveness.

Infrastructure management is sometimes divided into categories of systems management, network management, and storage management. Infrastructure management products include a number of vendors like Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, Symantec, Nortel, etc.,



While cloud storage refers to saving data to an off-site storage system maintained by a third party. Instead of storing information to your computer’s hard drive or other local storage device, you save it to a remote database. The vital link between your system and the data is the internet.

Cloud storage has several advantages over traditional data storage. For example, if you store your data on a cloud, you’ll be able to get to that data from any location through Internet access. You don’t need to carry around a physical storage device or laptops or use the same computer to save and retrieve your information. With the tools and applications, you could even allow other people to access the data.


IT Architecture is the backbone for technology

The right integration of technologies empowers business, demanding that the IT organization serve as a significant contributor to success. A cost-effective, scalable, and manageable data center infrastructure is the first step in advancing business goals through IT capabilities.

The reference architecture will include hardware and software components which have been selected, tested and tuned by the vendors instead of by the IT staff. This is a good thing for frazzled IT folks who have their hands full just keeping legacy applications running.


Know your Clo(u)d Store!

The cloud is empowering entrepreneurs and executives to take the reins and control how and when they consume data. Rather than buying hardware or full suites of products that will likely go unused, we get to pick and choose the processes that work for us. The number of providers, software publishers, and deployment options out there can be overwhelming. But having a basic understanding of the different types of cloud models available will enable you to ask the right questions and make the right choice for your business.


How safe is your cloud storage ?

It was sometime last week I had been to a entrepreneur who was once a software developer and now hired two techie’s & restarted his vision to develop application for Android & IOS. He had once application ready and called us to handle the backend operations for storage and data management.


Storage is the access to Future

If you had lived in the age of 386, 486, AT, XT, dotmatrix, windows 3.1, floppy drives, you will know and appreciate how change has been consistent and rapid. Today is the age of transformation and what we see today will cease to exists in the next 5 years. Onsite backups were long seen as the only viable solution for securing and protecting data due to both the time needed to complete full backups as well as bandwidth limitations, in addition to the complications that would often arise with backing up full copies of large data sets, while tape devices were more often than not the only medium available to store them.


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