Backup Management

Backup Management
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Managing backup in the present days are in the rise due to innumerous reasons. Shrinking backup window and strict SLA adherence in global based environment, risk due to backup failures, growing compliance requirement, explosion in data growth and cost constraints mean that organizations face complex & stiff challenges in backup management services. Enterprises need a robust backup management services that enables reduction in risk exposure and adheres to stringent service levels while being a cost effective solution.

Carama’s Managed Hosting storage and backup services provide managed storage capacity and other cost-effective solutions to help increase your data availability and protect your critical information from accidental loss or destruction, while helping address your rapidly growing storage requirements.

Carama’s Managed Backup offered Services include:

  • Monitoring & Routine Tasks
  • Change Management
  • Administration Planning
  • Efficient backups: Advances in technology mean that disk storage is the only way to go. Tape drives are costly and not always reliable. Plus, backup times are improved by as much as 60%.

Carama’s Advantages:

  • Proactive Backup Management
  • Automation
  • Process Excellence
  • Flexible Service Windows

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