Advantages of outsourcing Service Desk

Advantages of outsourcing Service Desk
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Lower Costs

Avoid the annual budgetary nightmare by locking in known pricing. Avoid hiring additional Service Desk Agents (SDAs), and shift the cost burden of training them to the outside provider.

A Better Knowledge Base

Updating software and training the help desk to support the new versions regularly can be expensive and extremely time-consuming. ITIL® best practices should be routine for a company providing high-quality IT help desk services. The outside provider enjoys benefits of scale by having help desks updated for multiple clients, and can pass those savings to you.

Management and Tracking

The outsourced company bears the infrastructure costs of telephony and communications tools, data processing, servers, hiring and training SDAs, and more. You stay informed, but you are relieved of the minutiae of managing and tracking every trouble ticket.


A quality provider of outsourced IT help desk services will have industry expertise across multiple platforms, with multiple software programs. Such a professional firm will be able to handle all your existing needs as well as your emerging systems, since they must be nimble not just for you, but for other clients as well.


Call volume can change by hour and by season, depending on your type of business. Call volume has a direct impact on wait times and staffing. Lighten your IT department’s burden by letting outsourced companies deal with fluctuating call volumes.
Truly Global Support

Some organizations may struggle to properly support operations across 24 time zones, in multiple languages, seven days a week. A company specializing in outsourcing IT help desk services can handle a problem near the end of one office’s workday, simply by staffing 24-hour shifts, or sending the call to a help desk in another time zone with plenty of time to handle end-user’s issue.

Business Services

Your help desk can do more than just IT. An outsourced provider can perform Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), human relations (HR) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Depending on your specific needs, Service Desks can also provide support for research and development, facilities management, employee dispatch, and other functions.

As with any decision, some negatives emerge from outsourcing IT help desk services. Only you can decide which side, pro or con, weighs heavier.

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